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25 July 2015

On the Piscean Trail! (Seafood in Goa)

Last weekend with all tripping plans washed out by the heavy downpour, I found myself going through the photographs from previous trips, and the thing that struck me the most was that there were more pictures of food than anything else from all albums from Goa. That's when this post took shape.

Goa. The name evokes different thoughts for different people. The glossy travel magazines and websites advertise the place as being just about booze and beaches. Well, to some extent it is so, but then that's not the only thing there is. 

Now, this won't be yet another ranting post on what all there is to do in Goa that 'tourists' commonly miss out on, rather it will be yet another post dedicated to just one thing - Food, one of the things many people I know are very passionate about.
This post attempts to be a small guide to eating out in North Goa. 

Warning: Vegetarians, stay away!