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Ganges, a Water Marvel !

My first post !

They say begin every task with something auspicious. So here goes.. The first thing I'd ever post here would be something to do with the holy River Ganges.
A short break from work saw me pack my bags to visit one of the oldest living cities on the planet, Haridwar, alternatively called Hardwar. This place is one that you should visit, whenever you feel you need a spiritual awakening. The chaos around the place, and yet an order that exists in the madness is something that strikes you at the very beginning.
You can find all kinds of people here- the retired old school teacher who has decided to visit for a dip in the Ganges, the mother whose eyes gleam with tears as her son has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of watching the Ganga Aarti, and of course the Westerners, who have heard a lot about Indian culture and just want to soak in some of it. I make friends with this little boy who follows me around with his "camera", as I walk around with my own, c…