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Dhansak Diaries, at Britannia & Co., Bombay

"Have you been to Britannia?"

This was one question I got from many people, which left me wondering what was so special about this place. So, I decided that on my next visit to Bombay ( yes, I still prefer Bombay over Mumbai, Kyonki Bombay ki baat hi kuch aur hai ), I must pay a visit.
Armed with a dangerous appetite, and my camera, I set out on a sunny day looking for Britannia & Co.. Located on a cosy corner at Ballard Estate, found it without much difficulty.

The first impression on entering was that I have entered a place set in the 1940's. The walls wouldn't have seen paint for years, and the furniture looked quite old too. There were pictures of Mahatma Gandhi and the Queen of England on the walls. Also, a recent looking life size cut-out of Prince William and Princess William (a.k.a Kate, she can't be called a Princess). The place looked steeped in history, quite literally so.

My eyes frantically searched for the whole purpose of my visit here, for a chat …