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Butter and Spice

Chandigarh - City Beautiful. Twelve shots to describe the city.

Delhi in a Day: Rashtrapati Bhavan!

Started writing more than a year ago, and then the josh fizzled out over time. This is a small attempt to revive after a very long hibernation.
With a day to spare in Delhi, and the sweltering heat that was being spoken of by everyone - I was trying to decide how best to spend the day without getting roasted. While casually surfing the net, came across the website of the President of India, and then realised that unlike the past, visitors were now allowed inside! What better way to spend the day!

On the appointed day, I reached the Rashtrapati Bhavan well in advance before the allotted time. The serene surroundings, with lots of trees and flowers was quite pleasing. It had thankfully rained the previous night and was still cloudy, and a peacock could be heard somewhere close by.  After a thorough security check, we were let in. Unfortunately, no electronic gadgets were allowed inside the building complex. I managed to get a few nice shots in the vast area within, and the surrounding th…