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Why I Love Road-trips

Life is a highway, it is often said. I couldn't agree more. You drive ahead hoping for something better than what's behind, the road may be smooth and empty, or there may be an unexpected obstacle forcing you to take a longer route. In either scenarios, there are hidden lessons for life.

Karwar in a Day

The summer air smells crisp. Having rained the previous night, the smell of fresh wet mud is great. 
We set off to Karwar before daybreak. The first stop is at a tiny hotel on the highway, called Hotel Vinayaka near Anegudde temple, right after Kota. It actually is nothing but the kitchen of a small home, with few tables and chairs set. We order the usual, piping hot Moode with Sambar (Idli batter steamed in leaves wound together). The newspapers are abuzz with the return of a certain crown prince of Indian politics from a 55-day "self-discovery" disappearance!

Stomachs full, we set off again. The highway is very busy as usual, and being a single road without 
any dividers and with many sharp curves, you cannot take many chances. At many spots, there are 
hills and rivers, fields and streams on both sides of the road.