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Coimbatore: Eat. Shop. Be Happy!

This is a post, short and crisp- to the point. I had recently been to Coimbatore for a conference. Hence there wasn't much time to see places in/around. I tried to make the best of the free-time I could manage, and did what I love the most- eat and shop!
(Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list- just a small one, with the places we liked)


A Glimpse of Calcutta - II (The Hooghly)

On one of the days when in Kolkata (will be addressing it as Kol henceforth), we planned to wake up early, have a quick heavy breakfast and set out for the day. I should have been a little more realistic though. I get up early only on rare occasions even when at home, then why would I when on holiday!
By the time we started, we were running behind schedule, and we went straight to Baboo Ghat (dropping the early-morning-walk-around-the-Victoria-Memorial plan), from where we took the ferry. I tried to climb on the deck and I was told ladies not allowed, so I had to content myself sitting inside the cabin below. The morning was still foggy, which meant I got very poor shots of both the bridges. Never mind, I’ll come back for more later I thought.