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Colors of May

[EXIF: 1/200s; f/8.0; ISO 320; 55.0mm; Canon 60D]
This picture was taken by the Gurupur river (a.k.a River Phalguni) last May, which in earlier times was considered to be the Northern boundary of Mangalore. The Kulur bridge over the river used to be a favorite spot as a kid, which we'd cross en-route the beach. 

Instant Messaging ~ Boon or Bane?

At the outset- this will not be a sermonising post on the evils of instant messaging (IM) apps. As a regular IM user, I have no moral ground to do so. Rather, these thoughts have been recorded following an incident wherein pictures from a private function held at a friend's place, were being circulated by absolutely random people, who didn't even know the person, personally! Which got me thinking, is IM slowly turning into a bane? 

DEEPAVALI CHEER - The Week That Was!

It's over. The time of the year many of us look forward to the most is over. And we have to wait a whole year for it again.

The Diwali week has been such a good break from the routine monotony. Meeting relatives, friends and having a great time together. Lots and lots of fish, sweets and chocolates. Doing up the house and trying to add that extra sheen to the old brass stuff. Painting and re-painting diyas, till you're satisfied with the color. Rangolis on the doorstep to welcome the Goddess home. Giving away sweets and shagun. Whew, it's been quite tiring, no doubt. But the effort was every bit worth it.
Sharing here are a few best pictures from the week that was.

Welcome Back, MAGGI!

The last few months have been abuzz with many controversies, be it the Sheena Bora case or the ink-fling-on-Sudhindra-Kulkarni case. But none of these have touched so many of us at such a personal level, compared to what a ban-on-Maggi did. 


[EXIF: 1/160s; f/7.1; ISO 250; FL 32.0 mm; Canon 60D]
The photo of this week is titled '50 Shades of Red' (No, I haven't read the Grey-based books- I did try, but quite honestly, found it too lame). 

The picture was taken right outside the Kalighat Mandir, Kolkata. She was selling sindoor in several shades, and looking quite vibrant herself. 

Maestro Mahadevan ~ Katyar Kaljat Ghusli

Shankar Mahadevan has always been a favorite artist, right from the time when he left everyone breathless. The following video is one his compositions from the movie version of the famous Marathi play, Katyar Kaljat GhusliSur Niraagas Ho
The original play is one of its kind, a legend. Pt. Vasantrao Deshpande had played a key role, and there were beautiful songs (Natya Sangeet) composed by Pt.Jitendra Abhisheki.

Thank You!

I realised today that the number of 'hits' on my blog crossed 10k. Now, that's not a very big number one might say. But when I started this space about two-and-a-half years ago, I never thought it would last this long. Like many other interests of mine, that Dad refers to as "soda-bottle spirit" types- meaning the initial fizz lasts and then it's gone- I thought this blog would go the same way too!  I was highly sceptical about who would want to read simple travel experiences and other random stuff that would be put up. Thanks to strong words of encouragement from friends, I continued to write. And I'm happy to have done so. Writing gives that sense of freedom that probably nothing else does. And when someone reads it, and offers some kind of critique, it's all the more wonderful. So, a BIG Thank You to those of you who follow this space! 
I leave you with a lovely rendition of 'Kashmir' and the theme of the Pirates of the Caribbean series (He…

Do not go gentle into that good night, by Dylan Thomas

This is another poem I came across sometime ago and forgot about, till I watched Interstellar. Quite an inspiring and motivating piece, it asks you not to take things lying down. Here, night/close of day is used as a metaphor for death. The play of words is brilliant, and the message that the poem has to offer, is subtly passed across. 
(Sourced from here)

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

School Nostalgia

The photograph was taken while driving through South Goa. It was the eve of Independence Day, and I spotted these girls by the highway, chatting away, lost in a world of their own. The sight immediately brought back a flood of memories from both middle and high school, how I used to walk home every day from school discussing myriad topics with my friend.

MUSSELS CURRY & FRY (Neeli Hinga Udda, Phanna Upkari)

We made this curry on the previous day of Deepavali. The technique is the same as previously described for prawn. However the addition of fresh mussels totally alters the flavor, and the resulting dish is extremely tasty.
Also, I have added the recipe of two other dishes, Phanna Upkari (bit spicy) and Rawa Fry. These are authentic GSB specialities, especially the hinga udda curry is something like a hallmark dish of Konkanis. I learnt all three from my Aunt who's nothing short of a master-chef, and shall briefly outline the technique here.

Deepavali Greetings!

It is that time of the year which celebrates the home-coming of Ram from Lanka, after defeating Raavan- since it was a new moon night, the citizens of Ayodhya made sure their beloved king didn't return home to a dark dark place.
It is that time of the year when everything gleams in the house. That time of the year when you take the traditional oil bath early in the morning, and dress in your best clothes. That time of the year when freshly painted diyas are all around you. That time of the year when shopping is legit. That time of the year you go around spreading cheer and warmth. That time of the year when pedas and chocolates are given and received. That time of the year when you gorge on goodies (plus we have a custom of making fish on the night of Dhanteras). That time of the year when some mysterious little devils sew your clothes from inside and they simply don't seem to fit. 
That time of the year when you forget all past misgivings and you whole heartedly say, Happy Deep…

Book Review: SITA'S SISTER, by Kavita Kane


I've never really been a great fan of the Ramayan, as I've always found Ram too ideal, too perfect to be human (OK, he wasn't- He was God). Hence I like reading different takes on the epic, rather than the usual narration. And like Asura, by Anand Neelakantan, this one is yet another take on the Ramayan, told from Urmila's perspective. 

Book Review: OUR MOON HAS BLOOD CLOTS, The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits, by Rahul Pandita

"Humein Kya Chahiye???AZADI"
I read this book a while ago, soon after the Kashmir vacation. During the time I was there, I used to go for morning walks along the Jhelum, where I once happened to meet a gentleman. He introduced himself as AK Pandita, and said he worked in the state government (durbar). We got talking and he said he was a Kashmiri Pandit, he spoke about the hardships the entire community had faced, the prejudices they still face, etc. He went on to add, the beautiful Rajbag area where we were staying, had once been the very place where they had lived.

My Cemetery Experience (A Glimpse of Calcutta III)

What do you call someone who spends a couple of hours walking around a cemetery that's more than 250 years old, alone?  Well, this is what I did on one of the days on my Kolkata trip last year. At the outset, Dad told me he simply wasn't interested to look around, and decided to just sit at the entrance, enjoying the cool morning air with a cup of Chai. Irritated, I walked off in a huff into the slowly darkening bowels of the cemetery, regretting my decision only moments later. Too proud to turn back (plus a li'l nervous- Granny had once told that Spirits always called you from behind), I bravely walked on.