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Bhootha Kola: A Snapshot

Sharing an old photograph of an ancient ritual of this part of the country, called Bhootha Kola, which refers to Spirit Worship. I'd written a detailed article (Of Daivas and Spirits) earlier on this subject. Why I'm sharing this old picture now is, starting today, the next three days will be filled with similar rituals at my village in my ancestral home. People question if I believe in all this; well, for me it is more about the culture of Canara than anything else, than the mere thought of 'believing' in it. We have taken up the responsibility of arranging this part of the function; here's to hoping everything goes as planned. The last month entirely has been devoted to arranging things and getting stuff ready, right from hardware to the artists, etc.
CLICK HERE to read the earlier elaborate post on spirit worship.
(This is also the photograph that was picked up without permission from my blog and used in an online Kannada publication. Although I frankly wouldn'…

Nana Chudasama's Pearls

These are witty one-liners by Shri Nana Chudasama (who'd been a Mayor and also a Sheriff of Mumbai) in Marine Lines, right by the Pizza by the Bay restaurant. These are relevant to current times, and quite thought provoking. The first picture is from April 2012, and the second one is somewhere from March 2014, just before the Lok Sabha polls.

Ganeshgule Beach (Ratnagiri 3/5)

Part three of this series on Ratnagiri is all about the Ganeshgule beach. As I mentioned in the earlier post, we stayed at a home-stay right by this particular beach. As it is not frequented by tourists, at any given point of time there were very few people around. And there were times when we had the entire beach to ourselves. There were many paths leading off into dense vegetation around, but not being in a mood to walk much, all we did was to laze around on the beach. We managed to catch some really beautiful sunsets, as the summer sky was very clear.

Sunset over the Fields

As I said earlier, we have been increasingly visiting our ancestral home in the village. It was no different today, and we spent a long evening there. This was shot from our home; the soft evening light caressing the palm trees and spreading like a warm blanket over our fields was a pretty scene to watch. Sharing one such picture here.


Spotted this design on a pillar in the precincts of the Ramnath Temple, Ponda, Goa. It took me a whole minute to realise there were two different animals in here. However, I didn't find any convincing material on the significance of the same. Does anyone know if it actually signifies anything, or is it just the artists' flight-ful imagination?


"Why is she tied up?", I ask. "...'Cos if we let her loose, she'll prance around maniacally. A neighbour's calf even fell into an empty well once, and was rescued with great difficulty", they say.

To Kill A Mockingbird

First things first, this shall not be a review, as I believe classics such as these cannot be just 'reviewed'.

Seven Pearls of Nature

There is this 'Nature Challenge' being passed around on FB, and I was a part of it too. One has to put up pictures based on nature for seven straight days (after all, seven is a magically powerful number too!). I'd decided to go with the sub-theme of 'Mountains, Rivers, & Countrysides', and these were the ones I chose.  (I've also added a link for some posts wherever applicable to read the connected post in detail)

Morning Rays on Himalayan Ranges

Early morning rays on the majestic Himalayas: Sharing an old photograph here, shot from the place where we stayed on a trip to Manali. We’d reached late in the night, and on our first morning there, we woke up to this glorious vista. Plus that was the first ever time I’d seen snow-capped peaks,  so wasn't I thrilled? :)

These Be The Top Three

If I'm proud of something from the year gone by, one of the things is that I finally re-established my reading schedule. Towards the end of the year I averaged at about two books a month, and I hope to increase the count steadily. I read mostly mythology and non-fiction, while trying to make an attempt to read commentaries on current affairs and politics too. And these be the top three books:

KAMBALA '15: A Glimpse

Kambala is a rural sport indigenous to coastal Kanara and northern most parts of Kerala (quite different to Jallikattu, that's popular in Tamil Nadu). Recently it's been in the news as many petitioners have sought a ban on events involving animals. Debatable issue I think. Cruelty to animals is not acceptable at all, but then a lot of other things need to be stopped as well. Posting one photograph here of a race from this season. I shall write a detailed post on this year's season later.
Read also: A detailed article with photographs of a Kambala race held in Mulki on Christmas the year before the last, and also a post on the protest that took place against banning Kambala in Mangalore city.

The Un-Pampered Pregnancy

This is something that has been sitting in my drafts folder from sometime now, but I always felt sceptical about posting it. However this contest was the perfect opportunity that came my way, and I'm doing so after obtaining due permission from the concerned. Amongst all the people who have taught me and inspired me in different ways, she stands out far more ahead than the others. 

The Year That Was: a Mash-Up!

So there goes another year. And the clich├ęd expression to sum it up- Oh my, the year went by so fast! For me personally, the year that's passed by has been a very crucial one. Something that I dreamt of in grade 10 and strove hard to make it happen finally came true, I could finally write the two letters ‘M.D’ after my name. Sounds cool right? (Hope I don’t sound too pompous)

Three Kings Church

EXIF: 43.0mm; 1/250s; f/10.0; ISO 100

This Great City will ENDURE!

When I look back at the year gone by and think of someone who’s inspired me, a lot of faces come into the frame, and choosing one is difficult. However one of them does stand out. And that is the nameless, the unknown, the faceless- The Common Man of Chennai.

Macro Shots from Boxing Day

I spent the last Boxing Day in the village. All the family elders had got together for a meeting to discuss various issues. I usually find such events a little too serious for my liking and manage to escape out into our fields behind the ancestral house. Last time around I tried a bit of macro, of which I used to be a great fan of few years ago, but gradually phased out from. On that particular evening, the light trickling in through the trees on the West seemed perfect. Sharing the three best ones from the day. 

Lessons Learnt (and Hopefully NOT Forgotten!)

Another year flew by. Especially the second half of the year felt like the blink of an eye. Time for a little bit of introspection. 2015 has taught me many things, no doubt. But what have I learnt? (See, there's a difference between 'teaching' and 'learning'!)  When I think back I realise I have learnt quite a few things- some good, and some crucial ones. Here are the five best ones in no particular order. Let the Monday blues flow!

Steamed Happiness

EXIF: 43.0 mm; 1/8s; f/5.0; ISO 800

GANPATIPULE- (Ratnagiri 2/5)

Continuing from the previous post on Ratnagiri town, this is the second of the fifth post on our roadtrip to Ratnagiri.

It was day two of our stay at Oceano Pearl, which was slowly beginning to feel like home. We again asked Pratibha-tai to make kanda-poha for brekkers. We didn't feel like going out at all, especially remembering our (mis)adventures the previous day. However we dragged ourselves out, with the sole intention of getting to Ganpatipule, about 40 km away from where we were staying. We took a short-cut from the homestay that ran right through some rustic settlements. Probably this road was less frequented by vehicles, because as we passed by, in a couple of places children actually came running to the road and waved at us!