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Chennakeshava Temple: the Flamboyant Walls!

Part 5
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If the stone work inside the temple is beautiful, the outside is mesmerising. Walls and walls of carvings- scenes of war, scenes of courts & courtesans, scenes of song and dance, scenes of elephants and horses and other mythical beings.
And the recurring theme of the Hoysala symbol, of the Warrior and the fierce roaring lion. 
We spent quite a long time walking around the raised platform, on which the temple is built. There are many other smaller, pretty shrines and structures in the temple courtyard. Finally the heat slowly started getting to us, and we decided to sit for a while in the car, before heading on to Halebidu.
Miniature, shrine-like structures on either sides of the main entrance

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  1. speechless, these type of architectural work always surprises me. you have captures very nicely.

  2. Every statue saying a lot of words !!

    1. True, the sculptures have a thousand tales to tell!

  3. Awesome sculptures!! HEre are some from Bangkok

  4. South Indian temples, their unbeatable architecture and beautiful wall carvings are always my favourite one to explore. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. :)

    1. Thank you. Our country is filled with so countless such wonders!


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