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A Jumbo Bath!

When we visited the temple at Guruvayur, we also visited the attached elephant sanctuary close by. This place houses a large number of these gentle giants. Here, they are taught various activities, besides being pampered with massage and bath everyday. It's nice to watch them lying down without a care in the world, while three to four people clamber tending to them. Sharing a few pictures here.


  1. Wow.. it must have been such a wonderful sight and experience :-)

    1. It was. I wished we'd be given a chance to give them a bath too!

  2. I love elephants. They're so cute. It must have been a treat to watch this cute creature to have bath and play with water.

    1. Me too, they are delightful beings! :)

  3. When we had been there it was closed for visitors. Thank you for sharing the pics. Felt happy looking at what we had missed.. :-)

    1. Oh! That would be disappointing. Thank you for stopping by!


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